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The Griffindale University research beacons are examples of pioneering discoveries, interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are tackling some of the biggest questions facing the planet.

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  • Mechanical Test Lung
    Supplemental document of a mechanical test lung.
    • Dataset
  • Hydrothermal_Tantalum
    Data associated with the manuscript "Tantalum in hydrothermal fluids". "FDM" series include the results of FDMNES with different Ta complexes geometry. "XAS Sol" series include the Athena processed normalised XAS spectra data. "XAS Ta2O5 Std" includes the raw Ta2O5 pellet standard XAS data in Fig.2. "XAS k-space" includes the k-space data in Fig.5.
    • Dataset
  • Predicting Pseudomonas aeruginosa drug resistance using artificial intelligence and clinical MALDI-TOF MS
    Mass spectra and susceptibility testing results for the article entitled "Predicting Pseudomonas aeruginosa drug resistance using artificial intelligence and clinical MALDI-TOF mass spectra".
    • Dataset
  • Turbidity Sensor design file
    This design file is used for the low-cost turbidity sensor, including PCB design, case design and bills of Materials
    • Dataset
  • BoSL Beater 3D
    Environmental monitoring of microorganisms is critical for the protection and enhancement of human and ecosystem health. Molecular-based environmental microbiology has overtaken traditional culture methods due to its less invasive nature and reduced turnaround times. Even though these molecular methods have become more accessible, these techniques still require expensive equipment and dedicated facilities to process samples which in the context of a global pandemic, remote sampling areas or low-income countries can be extremely challenging. Sample preparation and sample homogenisation is critical for the extraction of DNA and RNA. This study developed a low-cost, open-source, freely available 3D printed homogenizer for the processing of DNA and RNA extraction. The BoSL Beater 3D is a portable device that allows researcher to perform bead-beating steps commonly required for environmental sample extraction protocols in the field and without access to power. The BoSL Beater 3D was tested using filtered wastewater samples and passive samplers exposed to wastewater over a 24-hour period and showed similar or better performance to the traditional bead beater for both the extraction of DNA and RNA. The cost of this 3D homogenizer part is roughly $18 AUD ($296 AUD with the jigsaw which is roughly 57 times cheaper than a traditional bead beater) and has the added usability of being portable. In combination to newly developed portable PCR machines, this 3D homogeniser could provide the tool necessary for remote testing and allow for timely reporting. In combination to newly develop field extraction kits, this tool facilitates the extraction process and gives more flexibility to researchers while sampling, shipping, and processing DNA and RNA samples.
    • Dataset
  • Earth’s early differentiation recorded by halogen abundance ratios in Hawaiian lavas
    Electron microprobe major element and halogen data for submarine glasses. Radiogenic isotope data for corresponding glass and rock. Samples from around the Hawaiian archipelago.
    • Dataset
  • Quantifying magma water contents constrain a new entrainment model for charnockite formation
    This database contains the zircon Hf-O isotopic data, SIMS water content, Raman results, major minerals chemical compositions, bulk-rock major and trace compositions, from the Gaozhou charnockite-granite association in Yunkai terrane, South China, along with compilations including the ages of early Paleozoic granitoids and metamorphic rocks in the Yunkai terrane, and peak P-T conditions of high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Wuyi-Yunkai orogen.
    • Dataset
  • Mechanical Test Lung
    Design files for mechanical test lung.
    • Dataset
  • CCMA primary multi-omics datasets
    We establish a single-site collection of 243 cell lines, including 207 paediatric cancer cell lines representing 14 distinct extracranial and brain childhood tumour types. We subjected 164 paediatric cancer cell lines to multi-omic analyses across three dimensions (DNA-sequencing, RNA-sequencing, DNA methylation) to classify them based on clinically relevant molecular subtypes.
    • Dataset
  • COVID-19 pandemic stigma and health behaviours (Australia, Malaysia, China)
    This dataset has been analyzed for a specific manuscript production (see preprint link for the hypothesis and research findings).
    • Dataset