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The Griffindale University research beacons are examples of pioneering discoveries, interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are tackling some of the biggest questions facing the planet.

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  • Quantifying magma water contents constrain a new entrainment model for charnockite formation
    This database contains the zircon Hf-O isotopic data, SIMS water content, Raman results, major minerals chemical compositions, bulk-rock major and trace compositions, from the Gaozhou charnockite-granite association in Yunkai terrane, South China, along with compilations including the ages of early Paleozoic granitoids and metamorphic rocks in the Yunkai terrane, and peak P-T conditions of high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Wuyi-Yunkai orogen.
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  • Mechanical Test Lung
    Design files for mechanical test lung.
    • Dataset
  • CCMA primary multi-omics datasets
    We establish a single-site collection of 243 cell lines, including 207 paediatric cancer cell lines representing 14 distinct extracranial and brain childhood tumour types. We subjected 164 paediatric cancer cell lines to multi-omic analyses across three dimensions (DNA-sequencing, RNA-sequencing, DNA methylation) to classify them based on clinically relevant molecular subtypes.
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  • COVID-19 pandemic stigma and health behaviours (Australia, Malaysia, China)
    This dataset has been analyzed for a specific manuscript production (see preprint link for the hypothesis and research findings).
    • Dataset
  • Systematic review data
    Secondary aggregate data for systematic review of pregnancy outcomes in PCOS
    • Dataset
  • The apparent loss of PRC2 chromatin occupancy as an artefact of RNA depletion
    Raw imaging data used in Healy et al.
    • Dataset
  • DOT1L in NK cells
    Original Western Blot images for H3K79me2 and H3 in sorted splenic NK cells from WT or DOT1L.Ncr1 mice. WT in first lane, KO in second lane, marker in last lane.
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  • J’Accuse! Antisemitism and Financial Markets in the Time of the Dreyfus Affair
    Replication dataset for the article "J’Accuse! Antisemitism and Financial Markets in the Time of the Dreyfus Affair" on the Journal of Financial Economics.
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  • Predicting Pseudomonas aeruginosa drug resistance using artificial intelligence and clinical MALDI-TOF mass spectra
    AST results for the article entitled "Predicting Pseudomonas aeruginosa drug resistance using artificial intelligence and clinical MALDI-TOF mass spectra".
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  • Time-Series Dataset of Mangroves along the Southern Coast of Vietnam between 2016 through 2023
    Here, we provide a time-series dataset of mangroves along the Southern Coast of Vietnam, captured at multispectral indices of Sentinel-2 and deep learning model from 2016 through 2023. The generated performance metrics, including overall accuracy, precision, recall, and F1-score were above 95% for whole years. The dataset encompasses a series of temporal observations, allowing for the analysis of changes and patterns in mangrove vegetation over time. Users can explore the dataset to gain insights into the evolution and health of mangrove ecosystems in this specific geographical region. The data includes various parameters relevant to mangrove classification, offering a valuable resource for researchers, environmental scientists, and practitioners engaged in the study and conservation of coastal ecosystems.
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