Insect survey detections data for quantifying dispersal distances to predict delimiting survey radii

Published: 3 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rn749yywmp.1


Trapping survey detections data for five insect species and one mollusk (traps and other finds), with latitudes and longitudes and other spatial identifications removed per agreement with agencies. Species and survey data as follows: European grapevine moth (EGVM), Lobesia botrana, California, 2011-2013, Source: CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) Giant African landsnail (GALS), Achatina fulica, Florida, 2011-2020, Source: FDACS (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) Japanese beetle (JB), Popillia japonica, California, 2010-2019, Source: CDFA Medfly, Ceratitis capitata, California, 2015-2019, Source: CDFA Medfly, Florida, 1956-2011, Source: FDACS Mexfly, Anastrepha ludens, Texas, 2016-2019, Source: PPQ (Plant Protection and Quarantine, USDA) Oriental fruit fly (OFF), Bactrocera dorsalis, California, 2015-2019, Source: CDFA OFF, Florida, 1995-2018, Source: FDACS "Raw detections data v1.xlsx" is the collection of all detections. "Collected distances data v1.xlsx" is the data after clustering for proximity in time and space has been done. This data includes clustering information and distances calculated for each detection from the cluster centroid.



Mendeley Inc, APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, USDA Agricultural Research Service, California Department of Food and Agriculture


Natural Sciences